Shaikha Al Qassemi

Shaikha continuously develops herself through educating herself and those around her. With her backgrounds in coaching ladies classes in Sharjah and Dubai, she finds growth in inspiration - women, children, friends, family, and everyone else. A competitor since 2013, ranking 3rd in the Gulf category in both the Battle of the East & Battle of Heroes, her goal never deviates from wanting to inspire Arab women as well as podium finishes - only the best.

My mission is to change the UAE fitness movement, increase the awareness, encourage more women and men, to get stronger and fitter for life, and to make a change for future generations

CrossFit Level 2 coach - CrossFit Endurance - CrossFit Aerobic Capacity - CrossFit Strongman - CrossFit Gymnastics - CrossFit Mobility - CrossFit Kids - CrossFit Powerlifting - CrossFit Weightlifting

Favorite "Girls Workout": Diane 21-15-9 deadlift and handstand pushups
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Snatch!
Favorite Female Athlete: Sara Sigmundsdottir & Katrin Davidsdottir
Favorite Male Athlete: Marcus Filly & Alec Smith


Minhal Bhojani

Rooting out of a passion to change lives using functional fitness, Minhal found coaching to be his drive. Finding CrossFit back in 2012, he began his journey of fitness in the UK training in an affiliate for a year which led him to pursue his certification to extend his knowledge to others through his experience. His goal as a trainer is to help individuals make a long term lifestyle change, and firmly believes that the CrossFit method is the perfect program to achieve this.

I want our members to feel the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle physically AND mentally. To get people out of their work/home routine and get them moving so they can enjoy these benefits

CrossFit Level 2 coach - British Weightlifting Coach Level 1

Favorite "Girls Workout": Elizabeth, Cindy, Isabel, Diane - I think I like all the "girls" but these are my top.
Favorite Benchmark/Hero WOD: Angie & Murph
Favorite CrossFit Movement: Squat Clean
Favorite Female Athlete: Julie Foucher
Favorite Male Athlete: Rich Froning



Blanche Niña Rica T. Borja

Blanche officially joined Platform in May 2017. She's passionate about art and nature and sees herself in five years as someone who can achieve something to be proud of and that will also be an inspiration to other people.

Jaypee Constantino Calutan

Jaypee joined Platform in early September 2017, because he wants to inspire, change lives, train and coach people to achive their fitness goals. He's mostly passionate about basketball ball, functional strength, CrossFit, and weightlifting. In five years he sees himself as a full-time CrossFit coach.