Preparing you for the rest of the 2019 CrossFit Games Open.

With three more weeks left to the open, Platform’s coaches have put together an article for anyone who’s looking to improve your performance for the upcoming Open WODs. 


Most important aspect of everyday life is sleep. An average of 7-8 hours a night or more, undisturbed and deep sleep is what you are looking for. It’s very important for your body to recover from the daily stresses, noise and physical activity. It prevents injury, improves muscle growth and muscle recovery. It can also assist your body and immune system to fight back any form of sickness and fatigue that may occur due to a stressful day or over exerting your body in exercise. Nowadays you can monitor your sleep patterns with technology which can help you to systematically create a routine that is most helpful for your recovery especially in times of need. Download App: Sleep Cycle

Supplement that improve your sleep: Chamomile tea, cherry extract, magnesium. 

Also read our article on sleep written by Coach Hayley here.


The saying is “Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat” Your body needs fuel, just like cars do. A car wouldn’t be able to run on empty, it will malfunction and break down. Same goes with your nutrition. Make sure you are eating enough, if you are hungry, your body is telling you it needs to be fueled. Stick to nutritious and wholesome foods and snacks. Nuts, seeds, spices and herbs are also very beneficial to supplement to your lifestyle. It helps with decreasing inflammation, increasing energy levels and keeps you focused.


You should be hydrating properly anyway but ensure you hydrate adequately in the day or two prior to the event to avoid any cramping and dehydration, if you don’t generally hydrate. Try to drink 2-3 liters of water per day, try adding some salts or electrolytes to your water to improve hydration.  


This doesn’t mean stretch!! You want to be strong in your flexibility, grab a dumbbell, kettlebell, or a barbell and stretch, sit in a deep squat for 5 minutes, follow some of our Platform coaches flows. Get a roller or a ball and get moving. You don’t want to do too much, to avoid aggravating any tension or trigger points and don’t do too little. Gentle movement and stretching. During your periods of rest, you don't need to forgo movement altogether, one of the best ways to heal your body while tapping in and listening is by doing gentle forms of yoga or mobility training. Such gentle form of exercise helps you to tune into your body and mind, allowing you that space to get back to basics and give yourself this time to prepare for the tougher days ahead. Try moving at a slow pace for 30-60 minutes one day before your attempt, active recovery days are great to keep the blood moving while reducing soreness.

“Gentle movement and stretching. During your periods of rest, you don't need to forgo movement altogether, one of the best ways to heal your body while tapping in and listening is by doing gentle forms of yoga or mobility training” - Coach Musab

Listen to your body

It may seem counterintuitive to the "no pain, no gain" philosophy so that so many people abide to but listening to how you feel really makes a difference in your workouts. Some ways you can listen to your body when it comes to CrossFit open wods. Many of these methods are a combination of listening and knowing how to mend a situation related to your well-being accordingly and take time for recovery. 

Consider stress factors

We coach mothers, fathers, business owners, students and most of you have full time jobs. It is so easy to get caught up in leaderboard and how many athletes are ranking up and getting better scores. Take into consideration your daily stresses, taking your kids to school even with 5 hours of sleep, rushing and not getting enough food or any at all! You spend 8 hours on a desk or in school and when you’re at the gym you are exhausted and can’t give your 100% effort. This is why we programmed our Saturday’s for the Open WOD, make the effort to eat, sleep and hydrate on the Friday, day before and show up Saturday fresh and ready to go!

“Don’t over analyze, don’t worry about finishing or PR’ing just try your best and TRUST the efforts that you have put in the workouts for the past year” - Coach Paulina

Don’t over train

Only CrossFitters can’t go 2 seconds without telling someone about CrossFit yeah? We are obsessed with training, we love it, love pushing hard, love dying in each WOD, but now’s the time to focus on your Open WODs. When you drop in classes, try not to push to your 100%, you want to avoid injury and fatigue. Us coaches don’t know what you do during your day, if you train at home, take spinning classes or have a run for fun. Consider that extra training, which means more food and more sleep

Trust your training

As coaches we have programmed in a way that has prepared you for what’s to come in the open and those 5 weeks. Don’t over analyze, don’t worry about finishing or PR’ing just try your best and TRUST the efforts that you have put in the workouts for the past year.

Don’t Stress out

We know it’s easier said than done, but seriously, what is there to worry about? It is just like another WOD, that you come to class and do, perfectly fine. You can’t magically do something just a little different and become 20% stronger or faster, so relax. 

“When I’m about to do a open WOD I’m thinking to myself, “It’s just another workout. Just do it like you’ve done all the others.” – Coach Minhal

We understand you can’t avoid being nervous, but you can avoid completely flipping out and degrading your performance. So just tackle it like you would any other workout!

 Accept what you can and cannot control

If you have trained hard, eaten well and prepared mentally for the competition, and you hit it with the right attitude, then you will have fun and do well. Your training, diet and attitude are things you can control. Other things may happen that are out of your control, like your workout capacity at this moment in time. With these external factors, you just have to take them on the chin, don’t moan about it and just get on with the day.

Make time to practice your weaknesses

We know you can’t magically get a muscle up if you haven’t been practicing, going through drills or even strengthening your pull. However, when a workout is released, you can take Friday as an opportunity to practice a little bit or wait till Monday, and practice a few days under coaches eyes. Ex: Toe To Bar.You have your ttb, but you swing vigorously, or cannot string them or can’t find the timing right. Ask one of your coaches to give you some tips and drills for you to improve your skill, that will help improve your scores. 


What’s amazing about doing CrossFit in 2019 is that there are numerous coaches online that create videos of how to strategize your workouts. Always go with what suits your level, depending on the level of skill and strength that is demanded for each workout. Watch other athletes or coaches have a go at the workouts and understand how they position equipment, minimize transition times and break down reps if they need to. 

Our favorite strategy videos: Training Think Tank

 Ask us!

We are your coaches, we are here to guide you, educate you and make you better understand yourself, your capabilities and your body. You are way better than you think you are, sometimes it’s all about focus and strategy. 

We hope we gave you enough to get you prepared for the next 3 weeks! Let’s smash it!