StrongFit "Fundamentals of StrongFit" Seminar
to Mar 23

StrongFit "Fundamentals of StrongFit" Seminar

The StrongFit 2-day seminar is the first step in learning our system and how you can begin to apply them to yourself and those you coach. The seminar is for both for athletes and coaches and begins to explain such concepts as how humans learn, the nervous system, torque chains, analyzing weaknesses.

StrongFit Seminar Learning Objectives

After completing the StrongFit Seminar, "Principles and Philosophy of Training," participants will be better able to:

- Understand the key principles and philosophies of the StrongFit training methodology.
- Define internal and external torque.
- Define homeostasis and hormesis.
-Distinguish between training intensity and pain.
- Apply/program StrongFit movements for individual athletes as well as in a group class setting.
- Properly perform StrongFit openers and exercises.
- Understand how to properly apply torque in the use of sandbags, sleds, yokes and other Strongman equipment.

… And much much more.

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StrongFit Coaches Week
to Mar 27

StrongFit Coaches Week

Coaches Week is free-flowing and contains a vast amount of information that will allow you to gain more knowledge of movement, performance, training, and coaching. Specifically, you will spend time on the following concepts:

● Nervous systems
● Training men vs. women
● Torque
● Programming
● Exercises used by StrongFit
● Assessments

The week will also include several practical training sessions that begin with an explanation of what you are about to do, why, how and creating an "eye" for identifying imbalances and deficiencies.

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The Movement Fix
9:00 AM09:00

The Movement Fix

Founder, Dr. Ryan DeBell, designed The Movement Fix to be a place where you can learn to become a master of your body. Dr. Ryan DeBell holds a Master’s Degree in Sport & Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. 

“I do not identify as a chiropractor because I believe labels pigeon hole us into thinking in a limited way. I'm open minded to all things that can make us healthy and consider myself a human who has studied many disciplines.” 

What The Movement Fix will be offering you as an attendee: 

1.    Foundational Movement Concepts

The foundational concepts provide a framework of knowledge that can be applied to all lifts, exercises, and mobility drills. 

You will learn:

  • Mobility vs stability vs flexibility vs motor control

  • Why things get tight, how to improve range of motion

  • And more… 

Creating Tension the Right Way

There are 4 ways people create tension in their lifts. Some are applicable for gymnastics movements and others are used for heavy lifts.

In this module you will learn:

  • The 3-step process to properly teach bracing

  • How to identify sub-optimal bracing strategies

  • Easy cues to use to teach oblique activation

  • Appropriate timing of spinal bracing

And more.. Find more information on the registration link below:

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to Mar 16

The Shero Life

About the event

Have you ever wished you had female coaches, doctors and mentors that are industry leaders? Do you crave to belong to a tribe of women who are striving to be the best version of themselves and support the growth of all women around them? 

The Shero Summit brings together trailblazing women in the health and fitness sectors that have strived to breakdown barriers and achieve what many believe wasn’t possible.

Our impressive lineup of panelists includes a world record holding powerlifter, renowned functional medicine doctor, thought provoking life transformation specialist and a CrossFit games athlete.

Throughout the Summit we will address women’s specific health and training considerations. We will learn, we will share and we will get silly whilst building lifelong relationships with women that strive to empower themselves and other women around them.

All women who attend the Shero Summit can enjoy complimentary access to The Shero Life, an online community that is built on the understanding that to be the best we need a support network of strong and empowering women supporting us.

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Platform's Ladies CrossFit Throwdown
to Jan 26

Platform's Ladies CrossFit Throwdown

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Ladies CrossFit Crusade, ladies only throwdown. Due to high demand last year, we have added one more day of competing, making it a two day event!

This Ladies CrossFit throwdown consists two categories, Scaled and RX. The teams consist of two females, both females in the team should be able to do at least one rep during the WODs.

Rx division standards:

Overhead Squat 55lb, toes to bar, pull-ups

Scaled division standards:

Overhead Squat 35lb, knee raises, jumping pull-ups

  • Date: Friday & Saturday, 25th & 26th of January 2019.

  • Location: Platform Fitness Gym, Nadd Al Hamar, Dubai.

  • Price: 200 AED/team (VAT inclusive)


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