Coaches Internship Program

In our efforts to play a part in the overall betterment of the UAE’s fitness industry, we are excited to open 2018 with some key initiatives to support, develop and contribute to the coaching community here in the UAE.

We take great pleasure in introducing Platform’s Coaches Internship Program (CIP), a 4-phase interactive program to help coaches sharpen their instruction, guidance and coaching skills, to help themselves and their clients make the most out of their fitness journeys.

Our interns make their way through CIP’s 4 phases -  Observation, Shadowing, Assistance and Substitution - and adapt a hands-on approach to understanding what truly goes into great coaching. The experts at Platform will take the interns through the fundamentals of coaching, while laying the foundations to be able to confidently guide group classes, sharpen communication and interpersonal skills, and explore every other dimension of coaching over the 4 to 6 month program.

Two candidates are selected for every CIP round, and you have two entry opportunities in a year. Selected candidates will be contacted for registration and course scheduling. Apply below, and commit to lifting off to the next level!


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