We asked our members why they train

I train to be able to sleep better, to be healthy and to boost my confidence. -Nada Hassan

To become healthier, release any stress & clear my mind -Maryam Al Moosawi

So I can be fit - Amna Khalid

To be fit & healthy mom. Keeps me in a good mood and to feel good about my body. - Gmar Al Haddar

Because it's my lifestyle. I want to be healthy person and active. -Reem Obaid AlFalasi

To improve my fitness and to lose weight, my major issue about food which I can't control, also its about my personal need, mind, tension control, stress. -Adel Abdulla Miran Al Blooshi

So I can enjoy eating dirty food - Khalid Alnuaimi

I love CrossFit (Weightlifting) . This has became part of my routine for past 1 year. - Anand Mathew

Well, I'm doing it for good life :) - George

To maintain Physical and mental fitness. - Sibtain Thawer


What they think of the gym?

Coaches & Staff very supportive. The gym has a very good vibes. CrossFit has enabled me to learn many new skills and discover new abilities & level of fitness. -Sibtain Thawer

Ambience in gym is good. More space and lots of equipments. Well experienced coaches very motivating. Good style of teaching. I have been here only for 2 weeks and I am glad to be a part of this community. Especially this is very near to where I stay. Give me more time to spend here! - Anand Mathew

Awesome place to fulfill your goal to being fit, healthy & happy. Great coaches with professional advice & supportive just like real family. They are professional to the core & know what they are doing. - Saif Abdulla

Great - Nasser Almarzooqi

I love the classes at Platform because they focus on the techniques. They force me to break out of my old habits. -Nada Hassan

Love the gym, the atmosphere & community are very supportive. The coaches help achieve our goals. I have been more confident when training and competing. I can finally do pull ups! - Maryam Al Moosawi

I love that I get to train with my friends, amazing coaches who help me get better at my technique, share the knowledge on fitness and most of all make it fun while doing it. - Gmar Al Haddar


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